Our Philosophy

Our Community



We believe in acknowledging the original custodians of the land on which Bullfrog Children’s Centre is located. We pay respect to the Dharawal people and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of our nation.

We believe in valuing and respecting the multiple cultural, spiritual and personal backgrounds within our community. We are inspired by the connections, experience and knowledge in which they share. We believe that through open engagement, sharing of ideas and developing trusted relationships can enrich children's lives. 


We believe in all children, family and community members, educators and management having a sense of belonging. 

Our Children



We believe that children are our future. Their acquisition for learning is our daily foundation. We believe that children have the right for their needs and strengths to be accommodated. We understand that each child’s development and identity is unique and inclusive practices is imperative. Children who have access to an environment that is calm, nurturing and supporting can flourish and have their rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child met.

Our Team



We believe that consistent learning, professional development and critical reflection is essential to professional growth and stronger outcomes for children. Working collaboratively as a team, encouraging each other, sustaining respectful and ethical relationships is paramount for service cohesion, making an enjoyable space for all. 

We believe that educators and management who have equal voice and adaptability can contribute, investigate together, share ideas and sustain a strong effective and efficient management structure. 

Our Practices


 We believe in interest-based learning in an environment which facilitates children to be self-thinkers and obtain a strong sense of identity and wellbeing. Encouraging and embracing a play centred environment facilitates children to be active in their own learning. We strive to empower children, by using their thoughts, ideas and strengths to develop events within our curriculum. We value the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework and the way in which it guides our practice.  

Our world



Promoting curiosity in our natural environment encourages all children to be involved in their future. We believe that a sustainable future which equips our children with resources and knowledge of both natural and man-made environments is paramount. Environments that foster children to hold a sense of security and belonging will promote engagement, creativity and learning which underpins each individual’s wellbeing. 

We believe that holistically together we can leap into a better future.