At Bullfrog Children’s Centre we believe that all children have their own unique learning style. To meet the learning styles of all children we have developed a flexible program with specific strategies. Children are accomodated according to their skill level, not just their age.

Our educators complete regular observations on each child, strengthen their skills and celebrating achievements through their interests. 

We consistently design our play spaces to ensure that optimum education in all key learning areas is attainable. 

Early Years Learning Framework

We implement the Early Years Learning framework as our vision for learning. Our experienced and exceptional educators work in collaboration with each other, families and children to design a space rich with learning opportunities.

Find out more about the Early years learning framework

Partnership with Families

Families are fundamental to each child's learning. Our philosophical believe is that family involvement is vital for children's learning. As children learn best when families and educators collaborate we use a platform called Kinderloop. This provides a space to share centre and home learnings, so each child's week is holistic. 

Partnership with Community

Every child belongs to a wider community. Embedded into our program is many opportunities to venture into our community on excursions and to learn about the local and wider community at the centre.

Extra Learning opportunities

We have a range of additional learning opportunities, which include

  • Early Languages Learning Australia ELLA - we are currently learning Chinese as a second language
  • STEP vision screening
  • a vary of excursions


Infant's - Tadpoles


We are excited that this space will be opening late 2019..

under construction

Toddler's - Froglets


Our Froglets are our children aged 

2 - 3 year of age. 

under construction

Preschoolers - Dragonflies


Our Dragonflies are children aged 

3 - 5 years. A school readiness program is provide by our expert techers.

school readiness information

Real time link to your child's learning through Kinderloop